20 ways to move Cochrane evidence into practice: a celebration of 20 years of disseminating Cochrane’s research to the world—and how you can use what we’ve done!

Tags: Oral
Thomson D1, Mahan KM2, Pearson A3, Wieland LS4
1Child Health Field, Canada, 2Neurological Field, Italy, 3Nursing Care Field, Australia, 4Complementary Medicine Field, USA

Background: Cochrane Fields are the Collaboration’s KT experts, employing a range of strategies to get Cochrane evidence used in practice and policy decisions. We customise our strategies based on the patient population (e.g. children), type of health care professional (e.g. nurses) and/or the type of intervention (e.g. complementary medicine).

Objectives: • To review examples of a wide range of knowledge translation (KT) tools based on Cochrane evidence • To develop, in the course of the workshop, a range of KT strategies for the case studies that will be presented—or we will work with situations raised by participants.

Results: In this presentation, in honour of the Collaboration’s 20th anniversary, we will first demonstrate 20 different KT strategies that Fields have used, from summaries to podcasts to Congressional briefings and beyond. Then we will draw on our experience to work through three case studies—one addressing a particular group of patients, a second tailored for a particular type of health care professional, and the third targeted on a specific intervention to narrow down their audience, develop strategies, and address how to measure impact.