Integrating GRADE network meta-analysis SoF tables in network meta-analysis reports

Tags: Workshop
Yepes-Nuñez J1, Mustafa R2, Guyatt G3, Brignardello-Petersen R3, Brozek J3, Santesso N4, Schunemann H3
1Health Research Methodology program at McMaster University, 2University of Kansas Medical Center, 3McMaster University, 4Cochrane Canada, GRADEing Methods Group, McMaster University

Objectives: For individuals considering conducting a network meta-analysis (NMA), to gain familiarity in interpreting findings of NMA through of a GRADE Network metanalysis Summary of Finding (SoF) tables.

Description: Through user testing, the GRADE Working Group has developed a format for NMA-SoF table to presenting results of NMA for each outcome. It is important that reviewers consider how to interpret NMA evidence for clinical decision making of particular interventions. This includes identifying the primary comparison and the interventions for each outcome under consideration, the effect estimates, the certainty of the evidence, and the rank probabilities or the surface under the cumulative ranking curve (SUCRA). In this workshop, we will discuss these aspects in depth using examples. The workshop will begin with an interactive lecture providing details of the GRADE NMA SoF table and the interpretation of NMA results through this NMA-SoF table.

Workshop participants will then break into groups of 5 or 6 to work through an example of a GRADE NMA SoF table, guided by facilitators when needed. Results and details of the interpretation of results will be discussed in a large group before the end of the session.