From submission to publication of high-quality, high-impact reviews: the Cochrane Fast-Track Service

Tags: Oral
Wakeford H1, Tort S1, Foxlee R1, Soares-Weiser K1
1Cochrane Editorial Unit

Background: Cochrane is undergoing a Structure & Function Review, and, as part of this process, we are considering new methods to expedite the publication of high-quality reviews written by experienced author teams.

Objectives: The pilot Cochrane Fast-Track Service aims to offer the option of a fast-track editorial process for high-quality review submissions. In doing so, we also aim to improve the experience of the associated author teams.

Methods: Systematic reviews with a research protocol from demonstrably experienced teams will be considered for this pilot. The review topic area must be relevant for Cochrane, with clear justification of relevance to one or more external stakeholders. After an initial on-line submission and approval from the relevant Cochrane Review Group, reviews will be screened but only accepted into the pilot if minor or no revisions are required. Peer-review will be co-ordinated centrally by the Cochrane Editorial Unit, working collaboratively with Cochrane Review Groups. We aim for the editorial process to take 3 to 4 months from submission to publication.

Results: Preliminary results of this pilot will be reported.

Conclusions:Cochrane has developed a Cochrane Fast-Track Service to reduce the time to publication of high-quality reviews from experienced evidence-synthesis researchers.