The TRANSFER framework to assess transferability of systematic review findings

Tags: Workshop
Munthe-Kaas H1, Nøkleby H1
1Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Background: The TRANSFER Framework aims to help review authors: define the review scope/context of interest through structured dialogue with relevant decision makers; assess how well the context of included studies matches the review scope/context of interest, and; assess the transferability of review findings to a particular context of interest.

Objectives: To engage in dialogue and gather feedback on the TRANSFER Framework in order to refine the guidance for systematic review authors.

Description: Participants will apply the TRANSER Framework to an example and to give feedback on the framework as a method for assessing transferability of review findings. The starting point for the discussion will be a brief presentation of the framework and the history of its development. We will then invite participants to give feedback on the components of the framework using a worked example.

1. Introduction to the TRANSFER framework (10 mins)

2. Small group work using a worked example to discuss the comprehensiveness and usability of the TRANSFER framework and the presentation of TRANSFER assessments (50 mins)

3. Plenary (20 mins)

4. Next steps (10 mins)