The global evidence ecosystem: how can better data flows help Cochrane improve its share?

Tags: Workshop
Wyatt J1, Mavergames C2, Brandt L3, Olav Vandvik P4
1University of Southampton, 2Cochrane Central Executive, 3Gjøvik Hospital, Inland hospital group, Norway. University of Oslo, Medical faculty, Helse and samfunn, 4Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway


There is increasing global interest in all stages of evidence production, from publishing RCT results as data for direct incorporation into RevMan to exporting review findings direct to guideline authoring tools like MAGIC or digital health products. Cochrane has made significant progress in using linked data to improve review efficiency and exchange data with other organisations, for example via the PICO ontology. However, other groups are defining standards for exchanging knowledge that originates from data analysis, not evidence synthesis. This workshop will provide a timely non-technical overview of the global evidence ecosystem and discuss how Cochrane can maximise its share.


To introduce the Cochrane community to data and knowledge exchange and discuss what Cochrane can share to enhance the quality of global evidence production and its use.


The workshop will include the following:

1) An introduction to data exchange concepts, the evidence ecosystem and the Cochrane approach.

2) Discussion of progress on data and knowledge exchange and learning on this within different parts of the ecosystem.

3) Discussion of current and emerging data standards and the principles on which these are based.

4) Discussion of the opportunities all this presents for Cochrane and agreement on next steps.

The workshop will be led by Jeremy Wyatt, professor of digital healthcare at Southampton University and author of an RSM clinical knowledge management textbook (2001), the NESTA report on a knowledge commons for health (2015) and the Lancet clinical knowledge series that prompted the June 1992 McMaster meeting at which Cochrane was founded. He is an experienced workshop facilitator and presenter. Co-presenters and facilitators will include:

- Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics & Technology Services/Chief Information Officer, Cochrane Central Executive;

- Linn Brandt, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway.