Further research is needed?

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Vlassov V
Background: Cochrane reviews provide the information necessary to direct further research by diagnosing the gaps in knowledge and demonstrating the questions answered. To inform the research the recommendations from reviews must be differentiated depending from the findings of the review.

Objectives: To find, how frequent are recommendations like more research is needed , and how they relates to results of review.

Methods: Random sample of 100 reviews is evaluated by author.

Results: 93% of reviews concluded by recommendations like more research is needed . This recommendation is no less frequent in reviews where authors were critical in relation to the hypothesis tested (intervention tested in RCT) or find sufficient data to evaluate the intervention as ineffective.

Conclusions: Almost all Cochrane reviews concluded by statement more research is needed , and this indiscrimination reduce the potential of informing the research practice. Further research is needed of determinants of this uniform recommendation practice. The guidelines on formulation of the Conclusion for research is needed.