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  1. Poster Discharge planning for heart failure patients in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai: A best-practice implementation project

    Chen Y, Zhu L, Xu F, Chen J

    Background: Heart failure (HF) is a major public health concern which contributes significantly to rising healthcare costs. A comprehensive discharge planning can improve health outcomes and reduce readmission rates which, in turn, could lead to cost savings Objectives: The aim of this project was to promote best practice in the discharge planning ...

  2. Poster Towards Achieving the UNAIDS FIRST 90 target: Repeat HIV testing amongst PLHIVs in Nigeria- A Myth or Reality?

    Ndulue N

    Objectives: In Nigeria, it is widely known that HIV retesting among PLHIV who know their status occurs, but there is limited evidence and understanding of the reasons why this happens. Retesting is a challenge for the management of HIV programmes as it has been shown to contribute to ''double counting'' and an erroneous increase in number of individuals ...

  3. Poster Outcomes of a clinical guideline for implementation of Kangaroo Care with premature infants in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Maharaj Nakorn ChiangMai Hospital

    Papana N

    Background:Preterm infants in neonatal intensive care unit are treated and exposed to several stressful interventions. The separation between these infants and their mothers is a major stressor. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) has proved beneficial for preterm infants and their mothers. Objectives:The purpose of this quasi-experimental research study ...

  4. Poster Task shifting of emergency caesarean section in south Ethiopia: Does it yield a lasting contribution to accessibility?

    Asefa A, Hailemariam T, Shiferaw M, Mekonnen E, Morgan A, Berhan Y

    Background: Preventable mortality from complications which arise during pregnancy and childbirth continue to claim more than a quarter of million women’s lives every year, almost all in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). However, lifesaving emergency obstetric services, including caesarean section (CS), significantly contribute to prevention ...

  5. Poster Assessment and management of burns pain at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital: A best-practice Implementation Project

    BAYUO J, Munn Z, Campbell J

    Background: Pain management is a significant issue in health facilities in Ghana. For the burn-injured client, this is even more challenging as burns pain has varied facets. Despite the existence of pharmacological agents for pain management, the complaint of pain still persists. Objectives: The aim of this project was to identify pain management ...

  6. Poster The instrument for measuring the implementation situation of Traditional Chinese Medicine guideline: Evaluation and application

    Li H, Wang Y, Chen Y, Wang X, Lu C, Deng J

    Background:Clinical practice guidelines play an important role in improving the quality of care. To assess the real effect, measuring its implementation situation is needed. The implementation situation can be reflected by testing the consistency between the actual clinical practice and the guideline. We constructed an instrument (Table 1) to measure ...

  7. Poster Postpartum period: Mothers’ knowledge and hesitancy regarding vaccinations


    Background: Despite clinical guidelines, mandatory vaccinations and efforts of French health authorities, vaccination is affected by parental reluctance and trust concerning vaccination. Objectives: The aim of the study is to evaluate the knowledge and attitudes of mothers during postpartum periods about immunisation. Methods: Cross-sectional ...

  8. Poster Guidelines and postpartum mothers’ behaviour concerning antibiotic therapy and bacterial resistance


    Background: Numerous professional guidelines and national campaigns concerning antibiotic therapy and prevention of bacterial resistance have been provided by health authorities. The effects on consumers behaviour is not clear. Among consumers, mothers play an important part in attitudes concerning antibiotic consumption. Objectives: Evaluate knowledge ...

  9. Poster The influence of industry sponsorship and other financial conflicts of interest on the outcomes and quality of systematic reviews

    Hansen C, Lundh A, Rasmussen K, Frandsen TF, Gøtzsche P, Hróbjartsson A

    Background: Funding of systematic reviews by drug, device and imaging companies, and other conflicts of interest may impact how reviews are conducted. Objective: To investigate to which degree industry funding and other financial conflicts of interest are associated with results, conclusions and methodological quality of systematic reviews. Methods: ...

  10. Poster Impact evaluation framework for evidence-based e-health projects in Sri Lanka

    Jayasooriya S

    Background:The paper focuses on the multidimensionality of ICT in e-health projects in Sri Lanka. Initiating shared competences in ICT for development has driven the societies towards efficient and effective results with the implementation of e-health projects. The objective of the e-Health Policy in Sri Lanka is to adopt ICT solutions appropriately ...