Striving for relevance: helping ensure that Cochrane systematic reviews meet the information needs of researchers, clinical practitioners and patients in cancer

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Lodge M

Background: 'Building on the enthusiasm of individuals' and 'Striving for relevance' are principles of the Cochrane Collaboration which can sometimes be difficult to reconcile. As a Cochrane Field, the Cochrane Cancer Network has a core responsibility to help bridge the gap between the Collaborations output and the information needs of the wider cancer community by ensuring that these information needs are addressed by relevant Cochrane systematic reviews.

Objective: To build working links designed to help Cochrane Collaboration Review Groups (CRGs) identify and address the pressing information needs of cancer research organisations, cancer guideline developers, and cancer service users.

Methods and Results: The Cochrane Cancer Network will report on the links it is fostering between Cochrane CRGs and the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), Clinical Study Sub-Groups, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), National Co-ordinating Centre for Cancer, and NCRI Consumer Liaison Group and how the Networks own dissemination startegies are serving all three communities.