The global reach of The Cochrane Library: six months of usage statistics on Wiley InterScience

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Mellor L, Pentesco-Gilbert D

Background: The period from January to June 2005 provides the first half-year view of usage of The Cochrane Library on Wiley InterScience. Usage statistics for this period will allow us to consider how usage has developed over time.


1. To introduce the reporting system for usage of The Cochrane Library on Wiley InterScience;

2. To chart the development in usage; and

3. To find out where Cochrane Library users come from and what information they download.

Methods: For the period 1 January 2005 to 30 June 2005 we will perform a monthly count of:

-User sessions (individual database and total);


-Abstracts viewed;

-Full text articles viewed (HTML and PDF);

-Text downloads by customer; and

-Text downloads by individual article.

Wiley InterScience usage statistics comply with the COUNTER code of practice. COUNTER is widely supported by the international community of librarians, publishers and intermediaries, as well as by their professional bodies, see (

Results: These will be presented by month and year-to-date in graph and table format with accompanying commentary.

Conclusions: It should be noted when drawing conclusions that these data are limited to Wiley InterScience usage and do not include the considerable usage via third party data suppliers such as OVID, EBSCO, BIREME, HINARI, or access to Cochrane Review abstracts via PubMed,, and other approved sites.