The Cochrane Library: usage statistics and trends on Wiley Inter-Science - the who, where and what

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Reynolds F

Background: Dissemination of high quality, timely research evidence is a priority for The Cochrane Collaboration. By monitoring usage development, exploring user activity, and identifying trends we can build on our understanding of how people use The Cochrane Library, where they come from, and what reviews they access. We can use this data to help us identify ways of increasing access to and usage of The Cochrane Library worldwide. Objectives: To present usage statistics on Wiley InterScience for the period 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007 and to compare these statistics with the same period in 2006. Methods: For the period of 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007, we will extract a report detailing: subscription analysis by country and market segment; visits to by country and worldwide; count of abstracts viewed; count of full text articles of Cochrane reviews by country (HTML and PDF format); top 20 reviews by country and worldwide. Item 1 will be provided by analysing all subscriptions and showing the geography and type of institution. Item 2 will be extracted from WebTrends (website statistics software - WebTrends are not COUNTER compliant - all other items will be using Wiley InterScience usage statistics, which are COUNTER compliant (see http://www.projectcounter. org). We will also collect usage data for the same period from other data providers who provide access to Cochrane content and compare these with the InterScience data where possible. Results: We will present the data for 2007 and compare with the 2006 data to show growth and trends. Conclusions: Conclusions and commentary will be drawn from the trends identified over the three year period and presented in the context of the access arrangements in various countries/regions.