A latest survey on national training workshop on Cochrane systematic review in China

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Wei M1, Liu M1
1West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chinese EBM/Cochrane Centre, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Background: With more promotion activities on Cochrane systematic review (CSR) in China and CSR was indexed by SCI, more and more Chinese show their interests on CSR. It give us a challenge to keep the quality of training workshop on CSR. Objective: To identy review authors training needs and better support them to conduct CSR. Methods: We designed a quantitative survey to collect all participants feedbacks on the training contents and quality, arrangements, relevance, and their difficulties at the end of the training workshop on CSR in July 2009. There were a little modification about survey items than before. Results: 1) The response rate was 73.6% (81/110). 2) 110 participants from 23 provinces in China and the number of trainers was almost twice than previous years. 72.1% (57/79) said they got training information from web. 3) Only 12.5% (10/80) cleared their review topics and 3.9% (3/76) registered a title in Cochrane review group before training. 4) 65.3% (47/72) participants were satisfied with the arrangement of the workshop and 75.9% (60/79) achieved their popurse after training. The top contents and quality were: Meta-analysis and statistics (83.9%, 68/81), results analysis and explanation (82.7%, 67/81), trials selection, inclusion and extraction (82.1%, 64/78). 5) The rate of relevance to the workshop were: contents 70.4% (57/81), PPT 68.4% (54/79) and textbook 51.9% (42/81). 6) 90.1% (73/81) recognized difficulties existed and the difficulties were: trials identified (57.5%, 42/73), methodlogy (45.2%, 33/73), language (35.6%, 26/73), data analysis (31.5%, 23/73), and time (23.2%, 17/73), labours (20.5%, 15/73) and RevMan (13.7%, 10/73), etc. Conclusions: Participants were rapidly increased in last year and most of them were benefited from the CSR workshop. However, updated training materials and trials identification were their top needs. Web-based resouces are good platform to learn more on CSR.