A bibliometric analysis of Cochrane collaboration and its products

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Chen Y1, Xiao X2, Wang Z2, Yao L2, Yang K1
1Evidence-Based Medicine Center of Lanzhou University, China
2School of Basic Medical Sciences of Lanzhou University, China
Background: With the development of Evidence based medicine and systematic reviews, more and more people begin to know Cochrane Collaboration and The Cochrane Library.

Objectives: To investigate the dissemination of Cochrane Collaboration and The Cochrane Library in China.

Methods: We searched four main medical databases WANFANG, CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure/Chinese Academic Journals full text Database), VIP (a full text database of China) and CBM (China Biomedicine Database) using the term 'Cochrane’ in the Title from 1990∼2010. And then we used a bibliometric analysis of all relevant papers.

Results: Of the 211 articles, 52(25%) discussed Cochrane Collaboration and Cochrane center; 40(20%) were Cochrane systematic reviews and their translation versions; 36(17%) discussed Cochrane colloquiums; 28(13%) discussed methodology of Cochrane systematic reviews; 23(11%) were comments about Cochrane systematic reviews; 16 (7%) discussed The Cochrane Library; only 9(4%) discussed consumers; 7(3%) were about other information pertaining to Cochrane.

Conclusions: Most articles about Cochrane information published in Chinese focused on Cochrane Collaboration, centers, colloquiums and systematic reviews, less than 5% articles paid attention to consumers.