Comments on Cochrane Reviews: approaches to managing feedback

Tags: Workshop
Hilton J1, Stewart G2, Lasserson T1
1Cochrane Editorial Unit, United Kingdom, 2Wiley, United Kingdom


To discuss and learn about the management and role of comments on Cochrane Reviews.


This workshop will focus on the management of feedback comments on Cochrane Reviews and Protocols submitted via The Cochrane Library website, but we also will explore broader themes relating to the use and the role of feedback. Submitted comments offer an opportunity to demonstrate transparency and to improve reviews or editorial processes, but they can sometimes be challenging to manage. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences. The workshop will include a mix of presentations, exercises, and discussion, and will cover four topics: (1) Processes for submitting, handling, responding to, and publishing comments and responses; the roles of editorial team members and authors; (2) Case studies: how comments were managed and the impact they had on the reviews; (3) Changes to the way that comments are submitted, processed and displayed on The Cochrane Library website; (4) The role of the Cochrane comments system in the context of social media and a rapidly evolving online publishing environment.