Cochrane and Wikipedia: disseminating evidence

Tags: Workshop
Easow Mathew M1, Heilman J2, Owens N3, Bhaumik S4, Poore S5, Schoonees A6, Binder L7
1South Asian Cochrane Centre / LSHTM, 2Wiki Project Med Foundation and University of British Columbia, 3Cochrane Communications & External Affairs Department, 4BioMedical Genomics Centre, Kolkata , 5Cochrane Wikipedian in Residence, 6Center for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University, 7Senior Advisor, CEO's Office, The Cochrane Collaboration, Germany


To explore how Cochrane groups can encourage contributions to disseminate evidence using Wikipedia.


It has been over a year since Cochrane and Wikipedia launched a partnership to improve the evidence-based content in Wikipedia medical articles. The partnership kicked off with Cochrane providing 100 free licenses to The Cochrane Library to experienced Wikipedia editors. Cochrane has also appointed a Wikipedian in Residence (WIR) responsible for facilitating and developing this partnership.

This workshop is for Cochrane contributors/groups interested in participating in the Cochrane/Wikipedia initiative to make Wikipedia’s medical pages more evidence-based. Discussion will focus on identifying barriers that Cochrane contributors/groups may face in engaging with Wikipedia in order to disseminate evidence; identifying resources needed to overcome barriers and to facilitate Wikipedia edits for incorporating Cochrane evidence; and to share experiences gained from the first six months of active collaboration between Cochrane and Wikipedia. This workshop will provide an opportunity to meet and network with key resource people from both organizations, and will also aim to produce practical recommendations to help refine the focus and maximize the effectiveness of the developing Cochrane/Wikipedia partnership.

This workshop will be a part of a series of events geared towards strengthening the partnership between Cochrane and Wikipedia.