An opportunity to learn more about and pilot ROBIS, a new tool to assess the risk of bias in a systematic review

Tags: Workshop
Whiting P1, Savovic J2, Shea B3, Reeves B2
1Kleijnen Systematic Reviews, 2University of Bristol, England, 3University of Ottawa, Canada


Introduction to ROBIS, a tool to assess the risk of bias in a systematic review (i.e. assessing the risk of bias in the review itself, not the primary studies included in the review). The first session will be an overview of the development and structure of ROBIS. The second session will be discussing the pilot test and gathering feedback from participants.


We will discuss the process used to develop ROBIS (rationale and scope, development of the evidence base, generation of items for consideration, and face-to-face meeting). We will then present the final tool and background document and illustrate how to apply it using worked examples. We will outline the process for the evaluation of ROBIS, which is ongoing; available results will be presented and we will discuss opportunities for participants to participate in the piloting process.

The second half of the workshop will provide a unique opportunity for participants to discuss and test ROBIS. Feedback gathered during the workshop will contribute to the evaluation, and possible revision, of ROBIS.