Disseminating Cochrane evidence

Tags: Workshop
Anthony J1, Millward H2
1CET, 2Cochrane Communications & External Affairs Department

Cochrane Reviews are full of useful information that can help consumers, clinicians, policy makers, researchers, and others make better and more effective decisions about all aspects of health. But a key part of ensuring those decisions get made using the best evidence is getting it in front of the right people. If you’d like to know more about how to get the word out about your reviews more effectively, join members of Cochrane’s Communications team for an extended workshop on strategies and resources for disseminating Cochrane evidence. Learn more about identifying audiences, choosing the right communications channels, and developing key messages about your work. Through a combination of presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities, get the knowledge and the tools you need to get your Cochrane Review to the people who need to see it most.