A health service approach to dissemination, knowledge translation and research impact

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Minogue V1, Morrissey M1, Terrés A2
1Research and Evidence, Health Service Executive (HSE), 2Research and Evidence, Health Service Executive (HSE)


The literature about research waste tells us that two of the factors in research having little or no impact are it not being disseminated and implemented. Furthermore, there are significant barriers in getting research into practice, policy, and guidance. Embedding research, engaging clinical services, and realizing impact and adding value through research, are the areas that research managers find most challenging.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland, in setting up new processes for research management and governance, also wanted to enhance a culture where research evidence is valued and has impact.

Objectives:The objectives of the project were to produce a framework for dissemination, knowledge translation, and impact, to identify a suitable Knowledge Translation KT framework and impact tool(s) for use in research studies and within organisations.

Methods:The presentation will describe a project designed to address the issues of embedding research evidence and realising benefit from research across services and organisations. The project was developed and delivered by two project managers and a working group. It involved scoping and reviewing 2 systematic reviews and circa 250 models of KT, a review of impact tools, a pilot implementation phase.

Results: Deliverables included a dissemination, a Knowledge Translation KT and impact approach with guiding principles, a KT model, and impact tools.


Creating evidence based culture and embedding research has to be framed within a clear approach to dissemination and impact.

Key learning points include;

- the importance of dissemination and impact planning throughout the research study.

- the KT framework must be usable and applicable in health service settings and have clear constructs.

- the need to engage knowledge users in developing a framework.

- while lots of groups are energised to get research into practice and use evidence this project streamlines resources to support researchers to effectively enhance the use of their research findings.

Ownership by key knowledge users and senior managers is important to successful implementation. A project to develop an approach to dissemination, knowledge translation (KT) and impact resulted in framework guidance for research managers, researchers and organisations.

Patient or healthcare consumer involvement: Access to a HSE patient advisory group is in development.