A pilot to translate Cochrane Incontinence blogshots: does it sustainably help reach a more global audience?

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Johnson E1, Ried J2
1Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
2Cochrane Central Executive
Background: In 2017, Cochrane Incontinence adopted a new dissemination policy that included the production and circulation of visual products to disseminate the key evidence of its reviews, such as blogshots (a short summary of key points from a review with a picture that can be shared on social media). However, many of the Group’s dissemination products are in English, while only 6% of the world are native English speakers and 75% do not speak any English. Producing and sharing visual dissemination products in languages other than English could improve engagement with reviews internationally.

Objectives: To assess the feasibility and impact of translating visual dissemination products for Cochrane Incontinence reviews to increase their international reach.

Methods: We developed a pilot project to produce and evaluate four translated blogshots presenting the evidence from four recent Cochrane Incontinence reviews. We sought French, Spanish and German translators from Cochrane Geographic Groups and TaskExchange. Two people worked on each translation in consecutive steps: an initial translation and editing. We sent all translators an evaluation form to collect information on their experience, while we disseminated translated blogshots via Cochrane Incontinence’s Twitter account according to a defined schedule. We then collated and tabulated quantitative data on impressions and engagements from Twitter Analytics between 20 January and 28 February 2020. In addition, we gathered data regarding the countries from which the reviews were being accessed via Altmetrics before the pilot and repeated this after for comparison.

Results: We will present the results of the quantitative evaluation of the pilot scheme along with the results from translator surveys.

Conclusions: We will present conclusions based on both the quantitative data and surveys, considering these in the context of how translated blogshots may be able to contribute to the rapid dissemination of key results internationally. We will also discuss the key limitations and challenges of the pilot scheme and how these may affect the ways in which Cochrane Review Groups and Geographic Groups collaborate regarding visual dissemination materials.

Patient or healthcare consumer involvement: There was no direct consumer involvement in the pilot, but we hope that the results will contribute to making Cochrane evidence more accessible to patients and the public internationally.