US-PCG consumer involvement and outreach efforts

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Kumar N1, Kariyawasam D2, Hill M2, Jahanfar S2, Haas D1
1Indiana University School of Medicine, 2Central Michigan University

Background: The US Satellite of the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group (US-PCG) was launched in March 2019. One of the main goals of the US-PCG was to have a greater consumer involvement with satellite activities.

Consumer Workshop: Four consumers attended our first half-day workshop and expressed valuable advice and interest in consumer engagement. In particular, we now have a standing relationship with Indianapolis Healthy Start, a Health Department initiative offering education and support services to pregnant women to eliminate disparities and improve infant survival rates. In 2020, we plan to be present at their events to garner more consumer involvement in an expanding area. Moreover, we submitted an NIH R13 grant to hold this workshop annually for consumers and engage them in knowledge translation efforts.

Prioritization: The US-PCG underwent a priority-setting Delphi process that engaged with both clinicians and consumers. At the end of the process, four out of the top 5 most prioritized review titles were shared between both groups, and thus we were able to consense on six titles in total. Three have been updated or are in the Editorial process. Two will have US-PCG members assisting one of the original authors and the last one was relinquished to us. Of note, we have consumers present on reviews, which helps diversify the author team and emphasize patient-centred outcomes.

Other efforts: We also have established a relationship with the Indiana University National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, which holds dinners, lectures, and an annual Women of Influence event that draws over 300 women to talk about current healthcare topics. Furthermore, we have attended or plan to participate in local conferences held by the State and County Health Departments to keep our consumer base growing (e.g., Labor of Love Infant Mortality Summit, Breastfeeding Conference). We also have created two consumer-facing fact sheets on breastfeeding and opioid use during pregnancy for distribution among community settings.

Conclusion: As a newly formed satellite, impact and sustainability are central to the US-PCG’s goals and initiatives. Indiana has one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the United States, and we are in a prime position in Indianapolis at the School of Medicine to help improve outcomes and deliver informational material to consumers by reaching out to stakeholder organizations. In addition, we have built new relationships with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to engage their networks of providers and stakeholder organizations to improve consumer involvement in processes.

Consumer Involvement: By building these partnerships that are already dedicated to improving maternal and child healthcare, the US-PCG hopes to establish ourselves as an essential resource for evidence-based healthcare decision-making as well as provide dissemination materials to be publicized from a variety of sources.