A demonstration and guide to SCHARP, a software application for the analysis and plotting of individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis

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Tierney J, Tinazzi A, Stewart L, Burdett S
Objectives: To demonstrate the main features of the software to enable those attending the workshop to use SCHARP in their own IPD meta-analyses.

Summary: There is no commercial software package that can analyse and plot completely the results of meta-analyses from randomized trials that use individual patient data (IPD). This has necessitated the development of SCHARP, an SASĀ®-based application with a point-and-click interface that produces publication-quality forest plots, Kaplan Meier curves (if appropriate) and corresponding summary statistics for time-to-event, dichotomous and continuous outcome IPD. It also facilitates the interactive analysis of many trials and multiple outcomes, either across all trials or by trial or patient subgroups, based on a single data file. SCHARP will soon be available, free of charge but under licence, to non-commercial groups. This workshop will demonstrate the major features of SCHARP and its scope in analysing different types of IPD and will appeal to those undertaking or planning IPD reviews.

Level of knowledge required to attend: intermediate.