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  1. Workshop Advanced meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy: dealing with heterogeneity and test comparisons

    Macaskill P, Takwoingi Y

    Objectives: 1. To explain the recommended statistical models used for diagnostic test accuracy meta-analysis and the concepts underlying these methods. 2. To illustrate the methods and their interpretation using examples. Description: This workshop will cover advanced statistical methods for the meta-analysis of studies of diagnostic test accuracy ...

  2. Workshop Disseminating Cochrane evidence

    Anthony J, Millward H

    Cochrane Reviews are full of useful information that can help consumers, clinicians, policy makers, researchers, and others make better and more effective decisions about all aspects of health. But a key part of ensuring those decisions get made using the best evidence is getting it in front of the right people. If you’d like to know more about how ...

  3. Workshop A workshop on Rayyan, the web and mobile systematic review app

    Ouzzani M, Hammady H, Hammady H, Fedorowicz Z

    Objectives: To provide an opportunity to experience the full customizability, ease of use and intuitive interface of Rayyan ( Enabling evidence-based health care will depend on the availability of high-quality, up-to-date clinical resources. Disseminating these resources in a timely fashion requires efficient sharing, evaluation, ...

  4. Workshop Accounting for missing outcome data in meta-analysis: Part 1

    Salanti G, Higgins J, White I

    Objectives: To understand the theory of methods used to account for missing outcome data in a meta-analysis. Description: Missing outcome data are common even in carefully designed randomized control trials. We assume at the meta-analysis level the problem with missing data is solved at the trial level and conduct an available case analysis. Case ...

  5. Workshop Accounting for missing outcome data in meta-analysis: Part 2

    Chaimani A, Mavridis D, Higgins J, White I

    Objectives: To understand the practical application of methods used to account for missing outcome data in a meta-analysis using an updated version of the metamiss command in Stata. Description: This hands-on practical workshop is the second of two workshops on how to estimate meta-analytic treatment effects for dichotomous or continuous outcomes ...

  6. Workshop Adding evidence to Wikipedia: editing workshop

    Owens N, Millward H, De Haan S, Poore S

    Objectives: To introduce participants to: 1. Wikipedia, its contributor community, and the values it holds important; 2. the Cochrane-Wikipedia initiative and ongoing projects; and 3. how to edit articles in Wikipedia, specifically how to register as a user, creating user pages, general editing, citing and referencing, and following some good practices. ...

  7. Workshop Addressing missing participant data in systematic reviews: dichotomous outcomes

    Kahale L, Akl E, Guyatt G, Johnston B

    Objectives: To describe how to use an innovative approach to addressing missing participant data for dichotomous outcomes in systematic reviews of randomized trials. Description: The workshop will consist of the following: 1. A didactic presentation of methods being used by Cochrane and non-Cochrane systematic reviews for dealing with and judging ...

  8. Workshop Advanced searching for systematic reviews

    Spijker R, Stovold E

    Objective: To facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange between experienced Information Specialists around advanced searching techniques for systematic reviews. Description: The workshop will be an interactive session comprised of small-group discussions/exercises around various searching topics, with feedback to the whole group. We recommend to ...

  9. Workshop Advanced searching masterclass: Cochrane Library

    Finley C

    Objectives: To provide regular users with a general overview of the interface, features and functionality of the Cochrane Library and a review of recent enhancements. Description: This workshop is designed for regular searchers of the Cochrane Library produced by Wiley, and available at It will provide a general overview ...

  10. Workshop Adverse effects in systematic reviews: challenges for formulating the question and searching for different studies and sources of information

    Golder S, Köhler M

    This workshop aims to provide guidance for review authors on formulating the question, describe the available data sources on adverse effects, and how to retrieve adverse effects data for incorporation into a systematic review. This will include the development of optimal search techniques and discussion of the diverse formats of adverse effects data ...